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MyAppConverter is a unique Mobile Application Converter - A Cloud based Unified Mobile Application Code Transformer (IOS, Android, RIM and Windows Mobile). MyAppConverter will allow any mobile application code to be automatically and reversibly transformed/converted to other platforms, e.g. Apple to Android , Blackberry and Windows Mobile.


Greenfields Uplift Solution enables organizations to:
 -Extract and reuse valuable business rules embedded in legacy code -Document legacy business rules and processes during extraction
 -Enhance discovered business rules to optimize process performance -Modernize to new platforms and architectures such as J2EE, .NET, SOA
 -Insulate modernized solutions from future technology changes
 -Significantly reduce time, cost and risk associated with legacy modernisation


GreenLeaf (TM) simplifies the implementation of social initiatives, enhance their impacts and satisfies regulatory and business requirements by offering: The First Platform that foster Corporate Social Responsibility. The First marketplace that match's between volunteers and social initiatives. A unique Cloud Service that covers the entire CSR Reporting cycle.

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